How it works

Patent Search, Reimagined.

NLPatent was carefully crafted by a composite of leading data scientists and patent attorneys. It’s purpose built and brutally efficient.

NLP How It Works

How it Works


Simply copy-and-paste an invention disclosure, abstract or set of claims directly into the app, or describe the invention in your own words. Using full sentences rather than keywords allows the AI to understand the scope of the invention and search based on conceptual similarity.



Specify mandatory criteria that your Results list must exhibit, such as certain keywords, ownership, legal status, priority date and much more



Conveniently export results into a spreadsheet or a professionally formatted report that can be saved locally, shared with colleagues or sent off to a client.



NLPatent’s proprietary document-based similarity model ranks results in order of conceptual relevancy, taking the guess work out of which references to review first. Each result can be expanded to display more or less detail through NLPatent’s intuitive user interface.



NLPatent is constantly learning from your input through intelligent refinement. Saving relevant results trains the AI on what you’re looking for; the movement of each reference will be tracked by upward or downward arrows, letting you know how your input is refining the list.

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