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Precision Searching

Quality over quantity

Our AI platform eliminates the noise and produces the most relevant results for our Analysts to consider. This allows for a truly comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, unlike any other service provider.

Simple Interface

Easy is an understatement

A fully transparent and streamlined experience allowing you to track your search request from creation to delivery. Think: food delivery app for prior art search service.

Curated Results

Skip the haystack.

We leverage AI to uncover hard-to-find prior art, which our skilled Analysts iteratively review and analyze to give you the most accurate search available.

Cost Effective

1 + 1 = 3

Supercharged by our AI platform, our Analysts can search more, more effectively, than ever before. Great results; great value.

Rapid Turnaround

If you’re not first, you’re last

The combination of our best-in-class AI platform and our Analysts’ deep domain knowledge accelerates the turnaround time of your search requests, in all technology domains and search types.


We've got this

Our Analysts are meticulously trained to thoroughly search both patent and non-patent literature, leaving no stone unturned.

The Best of Both Worlds

Allow our team of experts to harness the power of AI and deliver you an exceptional work product.

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AI-Enabled Search Service

Deep Learning
Deep Expertise

Not only is the AI system exceptionally efficient; so are our Analysts. Each Analyst goes through extensive training in our proprietary patent search methodologies, ensuring they know how to effectively apply their technological prowess and best leverage the power of NLPatent.

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