Innovation starts with an idea.
But is it...

Patent Search 2.0

Fast. Convenient. Reliable.

Our clients use NLPatent in some of their core business activities.

Pursue the most promising ideas

Draft high value patents

Leverage your patent portfolio

Why use NLPatent?

Skip the haystack. Find the needle.

Unlike traditional methods, NLPatent puts you on the right path immediately.

Read our case studies below to find out how it works.

What makes NLPatent different?

            NLPatent             Traditional keyword search Outsourcing to third parties
Complete control over the search process
Automatic classification by technology area
High quality results generated instantly
Iterative search that learns from your input
Guaranteed confidentiality of your data
Affordable and flexible pricing
Frequent updates and new features

Who are some of our customers?

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How does our pricing work?

No hidden fees.
No hourly billings.
No mandatory monthly subscriptions.

Pay per search.

That means you only pay for what you use,
with additional discounts for high-volume users.

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