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NLPatent's AI-first approach to patent search leverages large language models to understand innovation in a way that is only recently possible.

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How NLPatent Serves

IP professionals and R&D teams rely on NLPatent across core business activities, including research, patent procurement, product clearance and litigation.


Inform R&D strategy by quickly assessing novelty and inventiveness, leading to better informed patent applications and decreased prosecution time.

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Quantify risk and defend against threats by effortlessly locating critical references that were previously missed.

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Freedom to Operate

Go to market with confidence, armed with the intelligence required to de-risk product development and avoid infringing on existing patents.

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NLPatent is a force multiplier for IP professionals

NLPatent’s AI-based solution is the next evolution in prior art search. It’s a great first step in understanding the patent landscape with very minimal effort, or it can be used to hone in on key missing elements that seem to elude traditional approaches. NLPatent instantly gives you what would typically take significant attorney time to compile.

John Holley
Spencer Fane LLP

NLPatent delivers on its claim of reducing search times by finding relevant prior art using Artificial Intelligence. We’ve found it to be a useful tool in our practice.

Joseph A. Parisi
Patent Attorney
J.A. Lindeman & Co.

NLPatent’s AI-based solution has completely changed the game in prior art search. It saves me time and saves my clients a ton of money.

Bruce D. Sunstein
Sunstein LLP

NLPatent has proven to be an effective tool for locating high-quality prior art. We especially appreciate the speed at which we can obtain, review, and sort the results. It consistently finds references that were missed by traditional approaches.

David Seastrunk
Senior Patent Counsel
Unified Patents

NLPatent is a very useful and affordable tool to add to the patent attorney’s search toolkit. NLPatent can quickly come up with relevant results to help make sure that your search strategy gets off to an efficient start, and ultimately enhances the integrity of the search.

Jennifer Marles
Oyen Wiggs LLP

NLPatent has become my go-to tool for prior art searches. The results come in almost instantly and at a fraction of the cost of an outside search firm due to NLPatent’s application of Artificial Intelligence technology. Not only is this approach faster and cheaper, but it has helped me find references that other searches have missed.

Alex Ross
Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

NLPatent improves the quality of our searches and saves us time. For challenging searches around complex technologies, NLPatent’s Artificial Intelligence is a valuable alternative to standard keyword searching. The ability to sort references and refine a search on-the-go is particularly useful.

John A. Morgan
Seed Intellectual Property Law Group LLP

NLPatent lets me go through the results of the search myself and determine what is relevant. This means that I can not only confidently provide opinions to clients but also save them money at the same time.

Laurie Wright
Patent & Trademark Agent
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
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Why NLPatent?

Free Form Search
Describing your invention in natural language allows NLPatent to assess relevancy by conceptual similarity rather than blindly matching keywords.
Iterative Learning
NLPatent is uniquely designed to optimize search outcomes through user-driven refinement based on known prior art and new results saved within the app.
Unmatched Quality
NLPatent has been battle-tested across millions of searches spanning the gamut of technical subject matter, consistently outperforming traditional approaches.
Not a Black Box
Our AI pinpoints the section of each patent in the Results list it believes to be most similar to your query
Customer Centricity
We take a partnership approach to all customer dealings and pride ourselves on our commitment to customer success. 
Ease of Use
NLPatent's streamlined workflow is intuitive and simple to use, allowing users to generate highly relevant results within minutes.
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