Innovation starts with an idea.
But is it...

NLPatent is a new online tool for patent professionals.

It streamlines the prior art search process by leveraging AI.

Law firms
Help your clients reduce the uncertainty involved in applying for a patent.

R&D teams
Make better and faster decisions about whether an idea is worth pursuing.

Search providers
Give your customers more accurate results with shorter turnaround times.

Why use our AI?

Because it's more effective than traditional approaches, and we can prove it.

Accurate CPC classification

Over 90% chance of identifying exactly which technology areas your invention belongs to.

Comprehensive search

Over 50% chance of instantly finding prior art that was cited by a human expert.

Prediction of success

Up to 89% chance of predicting whether your application will be rejected.

What makes NLPatent different?

NLPatent's semantic search Traditional keyword search Outsourcing to third parties
Proven high quality of results
Complete control over the search process
Ability to analyze full-text input
Guaranteed confidentiality of your data
Results delivered instantly on your PC or mobile device
Affordable and flexible pricing
Prior art discovery through semantic analysis
Automatic prediction of success

How does our pricing work?

No hidden fees.
No hourly billings.
No mandatory monthly subscriptions.

Just pay per search.

That means you only pay for what you use,
with the option of going unlimited if you're a high-volume user.

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