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Why we Built NLPatent

We find it ironic that the most innovative centers within organizations utilize some of the most outdated technology. It’s crazy that most patent searching today is conducted using tools that were designed in the 90s. Our mission is to change that.

The semantic search techniques utilized in NLPatent take advantage of the latest Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to completely revolutionize an outdated and inefficient process. Our ML models were purposefully built to understand patent language, which is notoriously obtuse, technology specific, and evolves overtime. In the information age, where billions of documents are at our finger tips, the process we’ve designed empowers IP and R&D professionals to find better results, rather than generating a laundry list of irrelevant references.

NLPatent is sophisticated enough for a patent attorney to quash a patent in an IPR, yet simple enough for an R&D professional to quickly assess novelty of a new idea. It has been described as a “total game changer” by our clients, taking a process that has been regarded as a barrier to innovation into the 21st century, and we’re just getting started.

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